Nurgaleeva, L. Cognitive integration as the dynamic aspect of modern educational practices [Text] / L. Nurgaleeva // Procedia — Social and Behavioral Sciences. – 2015. – № 166. – Р. 446 – 450.

Cognitive integration as the dynamic aspect of modern educational practices

Understanding of nature of cognitive integration is one of the most important methodological problems of the modern
educational theory and practice. Comprehension of the content of this term is connected with different areas of interdisciplinary research. In the most general sense, the definition «cognitive integration» is related to the processes of reproduction of knowledge. The use of the term allows highlighting the importance of harmonizing the hidden and explicit
aspects of intellectual activity and their consistency in the production of new knowledge; achieve new levels of understanding and self-understanding. Study mechanisms of cognitive integration allows focusing on the conditions of openness of knowledge for the interpretation. Today different approaches are used to the description of the models of cognitive
integration. For example, the hypothesis of the advanced knowledge has acquired a great significance nowadays. The description of cognitive integration of perceptions of reflexive coordination and multirationality represents an obvious interest. The selected conceptual a aproach is important for understanding of the formation nature of the modern models of educational practice and methodological aspects for the creation of electronic educational environments taking into account the reflexive aspects of the communication

Keywords: cognitive integration, reflexive coordination, multirational context of the communication and cognition