Feshchenko A. E-learning in the Evaluation of Students and Teachers: LMS or Social Networks? [Текст] / I. Kulikov, G. Mozhaeva, A. Feshchenko // Procedia — Social and Behavioral Sciences. – № 152. – 2014. – P. 127 – 130.

E-learning in the Evaluation of Students and Teachers LMS or Social Networks

Abstract. In modern education the important place is taken by the e-learning, which development substantially is defined by the evolution of technologies. Modern e-learning passed from application of separate technologies to system decisions, among which Learning Management System (LMS) and social networks dominate. There is a popular opinion in Russia that teachers prefer to use LMS in e-learning, and students — social networks.
In this paper we present the results of research of the relation of e-learning participants to applied technologies on the example of students and teachers of National Research Tomsk State University. The research includes survey, statistical data processing and the comparative analysis of results. During the research the experience of respondent’s work in LMS and social networks was analyzed, the advantages and disadvantages of LMS and social networks as educational systems were identified, the features of training with use of LMS and social networks. As a result of research the essential coincidence of pedagogical opportunities of LMS and social networks in the assessment of students and teachers was revealed. This result disproves a popular belief in essential istinctions of teachers and students in their relation to the e-learning technologies and confirms the necessity of an integrated approach to the application of LMS and social networks for training.