Feshchenko, A. Prospects for the Development of E-learning Technologies [Text] / N. Zilberman, I. Kulikov, G. Mozhaeva, A. Feshchenko. — Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Computer Supported Education. Lisbon, Portugal. 23 – 25 May, 2015. – Printed in Portugal, 2015. – Vol. 1. — P. 208 – 213.


One of the latest innovations in the technology of e-learning is the use of social networks (SN) for the creation and distribution of  educational content and organization of communication of teachers and
students. Orientation of the younger generation of students in the regular use of the SN in their daily, academic and professional life casts doubt on the prospects of the development of traditional learning management systems (LMS). The article examines the attitudes of students and teachers to the possibilities in learning LMS and SN, compared the advantages and disadvantages of the various e-learning technologies. The study analyzed the results of the survey respondents from 25 universities of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. For the analysis of the responses were used statistical treatment of data and content analysis. The study identified features of the application in the training of LMS and SN, different attitudes of students and teachers to the LMS and SN.

Keywords: E-learning, Social Networks, Learning Management Systems, Ways of Learning.