Social Media and Distance Learning Technologies

The rapid growth of information and the quick development of the ICT significantly impact social processes taking place in modern world such as shaping of a new ideology and social system, evolvment of culture, engineering and technology, convergence of sciences, and, thereupon, the development of radically new technologies. The emerging transition to the society of knowledge as the next evolution stage of modern hi-tech society requires сertain transformations in different social sectors, mainly in the sector of education.

Today’s fundamental change in lifestyle influenced by the ICT relates to the fact that a new type of personality is being formed – the one that acquires culture practices, rules, models, adjusting to both limitations and advantages of present-day culture.

This line of research is focused on studying social media and distance educational technologies for e-learning and studies the expediency and potency of using social media for e-learning.


Developing and beta-testing a method for designing Master degree programs with several modules based on distance/online courses featuring foreign professors.

Developing e-learning basing on the research in the sphere of information integration in education and on the open online projects design
Teamwork application in the Tempus with the School of Graduate Studies in Hospitality Management and Tourism in Czestochowa (Poland)

Aims and Objectives:

  • to study the potential of using social media and distance educational technologies in e-learning;
  • to study the expediency and potency of using social media in e-learning.