Preservation of Digital Documents

A research group of the Laboratory began to study the problems of accumulation and long-term preservation of digital personal archives in modern society in 2014. The research is held within the framework of a new direction for the national science.

Using modern information and communication technologies, many people accumulate a variety of digital materials related to their lives. A human’s aspiration to retain all the materials or a part of them leads to the emergence of personal digital archives which have potential value both in an individual and in a broader socio-cultural context. The research provides an overview of the main trends and prospects of the development of a new scientific field – personal digital archives, devoted to the study of various aspects of formation, use and long-term preservation of the personal digital archives. The study of personal digital archives has a pronounced interdisciplinary character and is conducted in a wide problem field at the intersection of information, social sciences and humanities.

First of all, the given problem is considered in the context of the daily practices of personal information management (personal information management – PIM). This research area studies the personal strategies and tools of preservation of the digital material, discloses the content and consequences of the main problems that are inherent in personal digital archiving; possible solutions are suggested.

The specificity of accumulation and long-term preservation of digital personal documents, personal archiving features in the new media, as well as the role of personal digital archives in human life are studied in the field of archival researches.

The problems of personal digital archives are considered in studies of memory too. In particular, new media as the main storage tools and key incentives of memorial practices, the sensitivity of interactive information systems to the factor of human mortality are researched. In addition to the main areas of study of personal digital archives, the research discusses the prospects of development of this area. The following issues can be emphasized: continuation of accumulation of empirical material about everyday practices of people of the creation, the sharing and the storage of personal documents on various devices and in network space; study of the features of digital personal documents; study of the moving processes of personal archives from the private into the public sphere. Broad and comprehensive studies will help to get an adequate understanding of the value of the emerging personal digital archives, of the opportunities and challenges of their long-term preservation and of the strategies requested by the society to ensure their safety as a part of our historical and cultural heritage.


Title: Personal Cloud: Regulation and Trust (EU22)

Aims and objectives:

  1. to develop effective theoretical and practical approaches to the field of advanced digital records management;
  2. to study the field of terminology, methodological and methodical support of the development of new managemental practices, the organization of long-term (permanent) storage of digital information resources and access to them;
  3. to develop concepts ensuring public confidence in the digital documents on the Internet.