Social Robotcis

One of the perspective fields in Digital Humanities is studying socio-cultural aspects of social robotics including robots of a new type that are able to interact with people. This interaction proves that studying social robots culture interfaces is necessary, as well as methodology basics of a new field. In the Lab we perform the following research:

  • analyzing current concepts in social robotics;
  • defining interdisciplinary basics for social robotics development (culture and technology determinism);
  • exploring perspective fields in social robotics development;
  • еlaborating social robotics theoretical basics in the framework of an interdisciplinary approach in the context of digital humanities;
  • updating a concept of artificial intelligence including adaptive behavior;
  • ontology and cognitive structures;
  • forming possible directions of social robotics development;
  • evaluating and analyzing existing projects of social robots;
  • establishing a functional typology basing on several parameters: basic and priority-driven functions, status-role interaction with a human and a scope of application.

Predictions on the development of the object of study are made on the idea that in the following 5 years a sphere of service and social robotics is going to become one of the priorities on the world market. Relevance and significance of the considered object is going to rise.


The Russian Foundation for Basic Research Fund 12-06-33047. Project 33047 Studying interdisciplinary scientific footings for social robotics in the framework of digital humanities

Aims and objectives:

  • To study socio-cultural, linguistic and psychological aspects of human-social robot interaction;
  • To analyze convergent technologies in social robotics;