Master’s Programmes

Гуманитарная информатика

«Digital Humanities»

47.04.01 «Philosophy»

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Digital technologies in socio-humanitarian practices

«Digital technologies in Socio-Humanitarian Practices»

09.04.03 «Applied Informatics»

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Today we live in the era of information-oriented society. In the 21st century, information and knowledge have become the highest social values and their acquisition is now the main task for society.

The information environment places new demands on the structure of knowledge in the humanities because social sciences and humanities informatization is advanced rapidly, and informatics has gained features of the humanities and ceased to be solely a mathematical science.

Evolution and semiotics of information, culture of information-oriented society and its individual psychology, virtual reality and artificial intelligence, networking and digital culture, information security – these are only a fraction of the knowledge necessary for a contemporary person to feel comfortable in the digital and information-oriented society and look consciously at the future.